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Shon R Hopwood’s unusual legal journey began not at law school, but federal prison, where he learned to write briefs for other prisoners. Two petitions for certiorari he prepared were later granted review by the United States Supreme Court, and the story of his legal success was the subject of articles in the New York Times, the Saturday Evening Post, and Above the Law. His work has been published in the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties and Fordham Law Reviews. He is a consultant at Cockle Law Brief Printing Company, and a student and Gates Public Service Scholar at the University of Washington School of Law. In August of 2012, Crown/Random House will publish his memoir entitled “Law Man: My Story of Robbing Banks, Winning Supreme Cases and Finding Redemption.” Through a decade of letters, Shon convinced his kind and beautiful wife, Ann Marie, to marry him. He has one cute but incredibly ornery son, Mark Raymond, and a precious and beautiful baby girl, Grace. Shon enjoys liberty, the writing of the Apostle Paul, Amy Hempel, and Raymond Carver, the music of Radiohead, and watching the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team. Follow me at: @shonhopwood
22 Dec, 2012

Saving Lives: The Post-Prison Education Project

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Want to change a life? Make the community safer? Save taxpayer dollars? Incarcerating someone for one year costs around $35,000--as I wrote about yesterday in The's the equivalent of a year's college tuition. It also leads to more crime in the long run as the national recidivism rate for returning prisoners hovers around 66%. [...]

19 Nov, 2012

My Post At Above The Law About The Similarities Between BigLaw And Jailhouse Law

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I forgot to post my humorous, but surprisingly true attempt to compare jailhouse lawyering to working as an associate at a Biglaw firm. The post is over at Above the Law (you can read the post here). I had always wanted to write something for Above the Law because I think they provide a valuable service to [...]

11 Nov, 2012

The SEC Is Considering A Political Spending Disclosure Rule

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The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the SEC is considering a recommendation that the agency’s commissioners propose a rule mandating disclosure of corporate political spending. Under such a rule, publicly traded companies would need to report all political spending, including any lobbying activity conducted on behalf of the company. Current rules do not [...]

25 Sep, 2012

Judge Posner Allows Defense Attorney To Testify Against His Client

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Judge Posner has been in the news a lot lately (reviewing tearing apart Justice Scalia's new book here). He is normally known for being a pragmatic judge, which is why his recent opinion is so bizarre. In United States v. Williams, Judge Posner's pragmatism was instead replaced with a cavalier attitude towards the right to counsel and towards [...]

20 Sep, 2012

LAW MAN Comes to the Supreme Court Community

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I have just the best friends. Last week, a few friends hosted a LAW MAN book party for me at WilmerHale in Washington DC. The event was hosted by WilmerHale Attorneys Seth Waxman and Noah Levine, UW Law Professor (and my ConLaw teacher) Ronald Collins, Davis & Wright Attorney Robert Corn-Revere, and my good [...]

27 Aug, 2012

SCOTUSblog’s Stephen Wermiel Posts About Summer At The Supreme Court

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Law Professor Stephen Wermiel has a great post over at SCOTUSblog on what happens at the Supreme Court during the summer. Professor Wermiel notes that: In recent years, the Court has received between 7500 and 8000 cert. petitions per year: from July 2011 to July 2012, for example, 7712 new petitions were filed. There were 7857 [...]

3 Aug, 2012

The ACS Blog Talks With A Public Defender About What Arguing A Case In The Supreme Court Felt Like

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Over at the ACS blog, Nicole Flatow interviewed attorney and State Appellate Defender Valerie Newman about her experience arguing before the Supreme Court on behalf of the respondent in Lafler v. Cooper. Rarely, do we hear an unvarnished take on what it is like for attorneys to argue before the high court. Speaking of the [...]