20 Jun, 2016

Fair or foul, Cockle’s Connections to the Supreme Court by way of the College World Series

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How are Cockle Legal Briefs and the United States Supreme Court linked?  (Other than the fact that Cockle has been printing briefs for filing with the Supreme Court since 1923.) Through the College World Series, of course. Here is the linkage between the Court and Cockle by way of the baseball championship (which began this [...]

11 Jun, 2014

Picking the FIFA World Cup (With Help From The U.S. Supreme Court)

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The U.S. Supreme Court is one of the most powerful institutions on the planet. In just the last few years, its opinions have transformed the $3 trillion U.S. healthcare industry, opened up marriage to same-sex couples, and declared an end to 400 years of racial discrimination. At Cockle Legal Briefs, we are as passionate about [...]

3 Dec, 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

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Hey football fans, we’re entering the final quarter of the season and while the majority of the playoff seeds have already been spoken for despite Seattle being the only team to have clinched a berth, the sixth and final seed in both conferences are up for grabs between about dozen or so [...]

7 Jul, 2013

What a Night of Fights! UFC 162

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I don’t know where UFC 162 ranks on the best cards ever rankings, but I do know that it was, to use a phrase uttered during the broadcast, beautiful destruction. And it was definitely the best card of fights we’ve seen this year. Anderson Silva’s reign as the UFC’s unstoppable champ came [...]

9 Nov, 2012

Early NFL Playoff Predictions

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Yes, I know we’re only halfway through the season, but ten of the twelve playoff spots are pretty much already spoken for in each conference, leaving a bunch of sub par teams to scramble for the remaining wild cards. In the AFC; Houston, New England, Denver, Pittsburgh and Baltimore are all in line for return [...]

21 Jul, 2012

The State of the NBA

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The several years behind us and before us will define the future of the NBA. The denigration of competitive spirit and moral fiber amongst certain players and upper management has left an irreparable stain on the legacy of the game that in the past brought us pioneers and idols like Jordan, Russell, Magic, Bird, Chamberlain, [...]

12 Jun, 2012

My Thoughts on the NBA Finals

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I’m not one to toot my own horn, but if you go back and look at my predictions from when the NBA Playoffs were just starting you’ll see the only series I got wrong was the Chicago/Philadelphia match-up in the first round. And who can blame me? I’m a homer. If I [...]

6 Oct, 2011

What’s Going On In The NFL?

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You know that stock video clip that you always see on ESPN when someone makes a boneheaded mistake or some crazy and improbable play happens and they cut to a shot of Vince Lombardi standing on the sidelines with his hands tucked into his beige overcoat, with his trademark glasses and fedora, yelling, “What the [...]

12 Sep, 2011

Husker or Husky?

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Loyalty. It’s devotion. It’s faithfulness. It’s considered one of the highest acts of life. And think about this: the opposite of loyalty is betrayal. The reason for all this loyalty talk is because I must define mine this week. In two days, I start first year orientation at the University of Washington [...]