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1 Nov, 2011

Update on Breaking Bad, the NFL, and some opinions of The Walking Dead.

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So, season four of Breaking Bad was going along great until Gus's crew got shot at and then Gus comes strolling out like he's Tony Montana or something, throwing his hands in the air like, what's up? It was so bad that they even tried to explain it by having Jesse ask, "What was up [...]

6 Oct, 2011

What’s Going On In The NFL?

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You know that stock video clip that you always see on ESPN when someone makes a boneheaded mistake or some crazy and improbable play happens and they cut to a shot of Vince Lombardi standing on the sidelines with his hands tucked into his beige overcoat, with his trademark glasses and fedora, yelling, “What the [...]

17 Dec, 2010

The NFL Outlook for Week Seventeen

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The original goal of The CockleBur was to provide articles on the law in addition to articles about life in general. In the first few months we have been heavy on law with only a sprinkling of non-law subjects. That will soon change. In effort to accomodate law school students and potential students, [...]