Ok, so neither team that I picked to go to the Superbowl even made it to their respective  Conference Championship game. Whatever. I mean, the frickin’ Packers are  World Champs, so what does that tell you? The world is coming to an end, that’s what. I’ll touch on the end of the world subject later on, but first let’s take a quick look back on the NFL season….

Does anyone really care? I certainly don’t. The season is over, let it go. Maybe I’m being pessimistically biased: after all, I am a Viking fan. Carson Palmer says he wants out of Cincy; that he’ll retire if they don’t release him. That’s a nice slap in the face to the franchise. You guys suck so bad that I’d rather not play football ever again than play for you bums. I know this: Minnesota needs him. The only quarterback on their roster is Joe Webb, and they didn’t even draft him to play QB. I just hope they’re smart enough not to re-sign Tarvaris Jackson. Or Favre, for that matter.

Speaking of that wiener schnitzel, Favre, you have to see this video on YouTube that uses a great Favre impersonator to mock that one LeBron James Nike commercial where he’s like, “What should I do?” And then if you have an abundance of free time on your hand, check out the copy of the lawsuit against ol’ Brett. It’s chalk full of humorous little quips. I like how they stated that Favre was “currently believed to be a quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings” when the suit was filed the day after the regular season ended. Perhaps that was a strategic move on Favre’s part, then, to file for retirement. Hmmm. I can already see Favre in his lawyer’s office, trying to tell the guy, “This whole thing is just a simple case of mistaken auto-texting.  When I texted her that I had bad intentions, I had meant to say indigestion. And that, you know, I needed them to um…massage it for me.”