History of Cockle Legal Briefs

InteriorImage_FamilyCockle Legal Briefs was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1923 by Albert and Eda Cockle. At that time, their business was commercial printing. They turned to printing legal briefs when an attorney asked them to print a brief he was filing with the Nebraska Supreme Court. Albert and Eda, who both had law degrees, realized this was an opportunity to apply their legal education to the printing business. They became experts in the correct preparation of briefs, and attorneys increasingly began to look to them for advice. This expertise, some 90 years later, differentiates Cockle from its competitors.

In 1930, Eda founded The Cockle Bur, a promotional pamphlet filled with quotes, sayings, and poems, which was mailed monthly to Cockle customers. Some of the best entries have been compiled and published in a book entitled Simple Truths.

When George — Eda and Albert’s son — took over the business in 1965, he decided to make law briefs the company’s sole specialty. He visited every town in Nebraska to listen to attorneys and learn more about their needs. As a result, Cockle became Nebraska’s largest producer of legal briefs.

In the early 1990s, George retired at the age of 75 and turned the business over to his children, Andy and Trish. Cockle has since grown to become the largest producer of U.S. Supreme Court briefs in the country, with a rapidly expanding clientele of federal circuit court filers.

We are honored that attorneys and pro se litigants continue to rely on Cockle’s third generation of experts for legal printing services as we approach our 100th year in business!