Our expert understanding of complex distribution schedules ensures that your Supreme Court reply brief is timely filed to allow for maximum impact on Court deliberations.

We recommend that petitioners file a reply brief before the distribution of the petition for writ of certiorari and brief in opposition to the Justices and their clerks. This is a best practice given that the clerks begin writing cert. pool memos shortly after distribution. Without a reply brief in hand, there is a risk that a clerk will view the respondent’s brief in opposition without your rebuttal.

We can accept your reply brief the morning before the desired print date. If necessary, we can even do a same-day turnaround. The process is typically as follows:

  • We email you a proof that evening and take edits the following morning.
  • The brief is then finalized, printed, and mailed the same day.
  • We prepare a PDF/A of your reply brief for electronic filing/distribution.

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