Circuit Courts of Appeals

Mastering the filing requirements for each circuit court of appeals takes significant time and effort. Because our specialists already understand these requirements, we minimize undue stress. 

Cockle can print your brief for one low price ($450 plus shipping for up to 20 brief copies; please call if you have an appendix). And by popular demand, we can create your cover, table of contents and table of authorities, and re-format your draft to comply with your court’s requirements ($395). We can also check to ensure that your brief is content-compliant ($250) and offer professional proofreading ($5 per page). Bundle any two of these services and save $50 off the total.

We employ knowledgeable consultants for every federal circuit court in the country:

  • First Circuit
  • Second Circuit
  • Third Circuit
  • Fourth Circuit
  • Fifth Circuit
  • Sixth Circuit
  • Seventh Circuit
  • Eighth Circuit
  • Ninth Circuit
  • Tenth Circuit
  • Eleventh Circuit
  • District of Columbia Circuit
  • Federal Circuit

For more information about our federal circuit court services contact a Cockle consultant today.