Circuit Courts of Appeals

Mastering each U.S. circuit court’s filing requirements takes significant time and effort—limited resources which could be better spent polishing your brief’s argument.

Our specialists have mastered these intricacies and can help minimize undue stress. For attorney customers, our services for every federal circuit court in the country include:

  • Full Service Preparation in Microsoft Word: We format your cover, generate a table of contents and table of authorities, and re-format your draft to comply with your Court’s formatting requirements ($450)
  • Content Compliance Check ($450)
  • Brief Printing ($450 plus shipping for your filed brief copies; please call if you have an appendix)
  • Professional Proofreading ($5 per page)

Bundle any two of these services and save $50 off the total! Please note we have a $450 minimum charge for circuit court briefs and do not work with unrepresented, or pro se filers at the circuit court level.