14 Apr, 2020

Remote Alternatives in International Courts

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As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, courts around the world began closing their doors, only to open new modes of communication online and over the telephone.  Technology became an operational lifeline.  The virus has unearthed the potential of underutilized tools long resisted by judges and court administrative staff.  "Remote court" -- from telephonic hearings to video [...]

3 Oct, 2018

The Supreme Court Starts One Justice Down

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The Supreme Court began its new term Monday without nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Sitting with eight Justices – just like the beginning of the 2016 term – Chief Justice John Roberts found his courtroom mired in a political battle over President Trump’s controversial choice to fill Justice Kennedy’s seat. Republicans had hoped to have Kavanaugh confirmed [...]

11 Aug, 2017

Social Media and the First Amendment

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With great power comes great responsibility. Millions of people, including politicians, now use various social media platforms as a way to communicate with their followers easily and quickly. Along with the ability to instantly communicate a message to thousands of people comes the ability to “mute” or block those whose comments the user chooses not [...]

7 Nov, 2016

Bush v. Gore—Trump v. Clinton

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  Chris Wallace: [T]here is a tradition in this country—in fact, one of the prides of this country—is the peaceful transition of power and that no matter how hard-fought a campaign is, that at the end of the campaign that the loser concedes to the winner. Not saying that you’re necessarily going to be the [...]

16 Aug, 2016

Transgender Bathroom Likely On Its Way to SCOTUS

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The Supreme Court appears inclined to address whether transgender individuals have a constitutional right to use the restroom consistent with their gender identities. On August 3rd, the Court issued a one-page order (579 U. S. ____ (2016)) staying a Fourth Circuit ruling that had permitted 17-year-old Gavin Grimm to use the bathroom of his choice. [...]

10 May, 2016

Cockle Featured on Bloomberg BNA

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Last week, Bloomberg Law detailed our practice in an interesting post, entitled “SCOTUS Cert. Petition? You Don’t Have To Go It Alone.” The article notes that “[w]orking in a niche area of Supreme Court practice, a handful of specialized printing firms offer more than just ink on paper.” Kimberly Robinson, the author of the article [...]

24 Feb, 2016

President Obama on His Search for the Next Supreme Court Justice

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  Official portrait of President Barack Obama on Jan. 13, 2009.(Photo by Pete Souza) President Barack Obama has publicly outlined the traits he seeks in a new Supreme Court Justice.  Via a post at Wednesday morning entitled “A Responsibility I Take Seriously,” Obama revealed the characteristics he is looking for in a [...]

7 Apr, 2015

In Memoriam: George M. Cockle

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Apr. 7, 1920 – Apr. 4, 2015 In a country built on optimism, George Cockle was the most optimistic character of all: the American salesman.  He passed away Friday night at the age of 94. Traces of the second generation printer remain throughout this building.  From the black-and-white photograph of George sitting at a Linotype [...]

15 Nov, 2013

“War on the Little Guy”–and his right to earn a living

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Tune in to Fox News Channel Saturday at 9pm to see John Stossel’s special “War on The Little Guy,” which features my lawsuit on behalf of Kentucky entrepreneur Raleigh Bruner. He’s the guy who wants to run a moving company…only to discover that if you want to run a moving company in Kentucky, you first have [...]