Tune in to Fox News Channel Saturday at 9pm to see John Stossel’s special “War on The Little Guy,” which features my lawsuit on behalf of Kentucky entrepreneur Raleigh Bruner. He’s the guy who wants to run a moving company…only to discover that if you want to run a moving company in Kentucky, you first have to get permission from all of the state’s existing moving companies. I and my colleagues at the Pacific Legal Foundation filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on Bruner’s behalf, and we’re now waiting for a decision from the judge. You may think these Competitor’s Veto laws are silly, but they’re on the books of about half of the states–if you only count moving companies. But similar laws apply across the nation a wide variety of industries, including everything from taxicab and limousine businesses to hospitals. You can learn more about these laws here, and more about Raleigh Bruner’s fight for the right to earn a living here.