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Dr. Hans J. Hacker serves as pre-law advisor to the department, college and university. He is the faculty co-sponsor of the ASU Pre-Law Club, co-director of the Pre-Law Center, and Coach of the ASU Moot Court Team. He is the author of The Culture of Conservative Christian Litigation (Roman and Littlefield, 2005), The Neutrality Principle: The Hidden yet Powerful Legal Axiom at work in Brown versus Board of Education (with William D. Blake, The African American Law and Policy Report , May, 2006) and of various articles and publications in the areas of constitutional law, law and society and public administration. Dr. Hacker is currently researching appellate judges' decisions to dissent within institutional contexts. B.A., The University of North Texas M.A., Ohio State University Ph.D., Ohio State University
22 Feb, 2013

Who Says Judges Can’t Be Funny?

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This has to be the single most brilliant opinion I’ve ever read. Judge Jeffrey Sutton proceeds to eviscerate the Memphis Police Department and a district court judge who has annoyed me (in fairness, judges probably annoy every lawyer when they rule against that lawyer – it doesn’t mean that the judge is [...]