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23 Sep, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court Merits-Stage Procedure, Part III: Oral Argument

2019-03-18T18:47:33-05:00September 23rd, 2014|

You have filed your Supreme Court merits briefs, booked your D.C. flight and hotel, and Google-mapped drug stores near the Supreme Court Building [for that last minute bottle of Pepto, of course]. It’s time for oral argument. Does It Really Matter? Eugene Gressman, a leading Supreme Court practice authority, has this to say about oral [...]

9 Sep, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court Merits-Stage Procedure, Part II: Document Filing

2019-03-18T18:47:34-05:00September 9th, 2014|

The decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court not only shape the law of the nation, but can often adjust the weave of our social fabric. To help the justices meet this weighty challenge, the Rules lay out a merits-stage process that offers sources beyond the arguments in the parties’ briefs, to provide information to the [...]

26 Aug, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court Merits-Stage Procedure, Part I: Party Briefs

2019-03-18T18:47:34-05:00August 26th, 2014|

Congratulations! Out of the thousands filed every term, your petition is one of the hundred or so granted by the Court. Or, as the case may be, tough luck: your opponent’s petition has been granted, and you must once again litigate your case. So now what!? Your case is at the Supreme Court merits-stage, where [...]