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28 Jul, 2017

Making a Murderer’s March to the Supreme Court

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In October 2005, Brandan Dassey and his uncle Steven Avery, of the Netflix docu-series “Making a Murderer,” allegedly raped, then killed Teresa Halbach.  Throughout the police interrogation that followed, investigators told Dassey – then a high school sophomore whose IQ had been measured between 74 and 81 – that “honesty” is what they wanted to […]

12 Jun, 2013

Breaking Bad: Season Preview

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With the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad coming up August 11th, we here at the CockleBur have been spending our days drifting through clouds of the crystal meth cooking in the basement, pondering the fate of our beloved master chefs, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. When Breaking Bad first aired back in 2008, Walter White (played by three time Emmy winner, Bryan Cranston) was just a sad sack that worked as High School Chemistry teacher and a part-time cashier at a carwash. After being diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and deciding the best way to provide for his family would be to manufacture crystal meth, Walter has transformed from lovable bad guy to one of the most despised and hated characters in television history. He has lied, cheated, stolen, and killed, but like any gangster story, eventually the bad guy must fall, and in these eight remaining episodes we shall finally learn what fate Walter White has bestowed upon himself.

            The last episode left off with a trademark cliff hanger from show creator Vince Gilligan, one in which anti-villain Hank Schrader (Walter’s brother-in-law and head of the local branch of the DEA) experiences a literal oh, shit moment, as the audience is lead to believe that Hank has just put together that his former-high-school-science-teaching/current-car-wash-owning, cancer-stricken, brother-in-law is actually the meth dealing kingpin he’s been after for over a year now, the infamous Heisenberg. However, during the past year Hank has greatly benefitted from Walt’s illegal activities (his entire physical rehabilitation treatment was covered by The White Family after he was shot by two assassins sent to kill him), bringing down Heisenberg could also mean committing career suicide. What is likely to happen is for Hank to trail Walt on his own, like he did when following his hunch about Gus Fring (the former kingpin that Walter killed at the end of season 4). The on-screen tension between Bryan Cranston and Dean Norris (who plays Hank) has already made for some of the most intense scenes in the past, so we’re amped up to see how they continue to deceive each other for the final checkmate. […]

9 Feb, 2012

Justice Sotomayor on Sesame Street

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1 Nov, 2011

Update on Breaking Bad, the NFL, and some opinions of The Walking Dead.

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So, season four of Breaking Bad was going along great until Gus’s crew got shot at and then Gus comes strolling out like he’s Tony Montana or something, throwing his hands in the air like, what’s up? It was so bad that they even tried to explain it by having Jesse ask, “What was up […]

10 Oct, 2011

Breaking Bad: Perhaps the Best Show on TV

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I’m not really big on TV. I used to be. I used to put in a good five hours a day watching movies or reruns of The Simpsons or whatever, anything to numb my mind. But once I got to Federal Prison, I noticed that only a select few were in charge of choosing what the inmates watched (there were no personal TVs) and I noticed that person wasn’t me. It turned out to be a fortuitous turn of events, however, since with all that free time on my hands I was able to focus on other things like reading and writing. Now I either watch football on Sundays or maybe an occasional movie during the week, but that’s it. Every once in a while though, I’ll get hooked on a certain show (usually ones that have run their course or have been canceled or are on hiatus) and then it’s a marathon event in which I’ll become a hermit in my bedroom, hitting “Play Next Episode” until the cows come home. My latest obsession: Breaking Bad. 

To anyone who hasn’t seen this show, I highly recommend you do so immediately. Start with season one and move on from there. To those who have seen this show, this next part will be like an observation that you may or may not agree with (and I’d love to hear whether you do or not, hit up the comment box) and for those of you who have not seen the show, this next part can serve as a heady warning to beware (but I promise not to ruin anything). […]