I’m not really big on TV. I used to be. I used to put in a good five hours a day watching movies or reruns of The Simpsons or whatever, anything to numb my mind. But once I got to Federal Prison, I noticed that only a select few were in charge of choosing what the inmates watched (there were no personal TVs) and I noticed that person wasn’t me. It turned out to be a fortuitous turn of events, however, since with all that free time on my hands I was able to focus on other things like reading and writing. Now I either watch football on Sundays or maybe an occasional movie during the week, but that’s it. Every once in a while though, I’ll get hooked on a certain show (usually ones that have run their course or have been canceled or are on hiatus) and then it’s a marathon event in which I’ll become a hermit in my bedroom, hitting “Play Next Episode” until the cows come home. My latest obsession: Breaking Bad

To anyone who hasn’t seen this show, I highly recommend you do so immediately. Start with season one and move on from there. To those who have seen this show, this next part will be like an observation that you may or may not agree with (and I’d love to hear whether you do or not, hit up the comment box) and for those of you who have not seen the show, this next part can serve as a heady warning to beware (but I promise not to ruin anything).

Beware of what you ask? Beware of season three is what, I tell you. The best thing about this show is the writing. The characters are unbelievably believable. They have realistic motives and often times completely crazy decision making but 1) people like this do exist, 2) at least their crazy decisions are somewhat plausible, and 3) crazy decision making is what makes the show interesting in the first place. At least during the first two seasons. In season one things start to escalate toward the dramatic, but the characters are still all believable. Season two ups the ante with some shocking plot twists, and yet everything that happens is completely plausible. Then comes season three and all the sudden it’s like they let Rob Rodriguez direct the show. Spoiler alert: The part with the two cousins and them hitchhiking through Mexico and going through all sorts of weird, silent, and choreographed action in order to kill Heisenberg only to be called off at the last second via text? And then when Hank knocks them off? And when the one cousin that survives comes crawling toward Mr. White with his legs cut off, bleeding all over the place? What the f___ was that all about?! It was like a scene out of Terminator. I haven’t finished season three yet (1-3 are available online with Netflix) and I just know there’s gonna be something ridiculously stupid that happens, but at this point I’m free falling without a parachute. I’m gonna die either way, I might as well enjoy the ride.

Fantasy Advice: If San Francisco’s defense is still available in your league, get ‘em. Start ‘em. They’re second or third in points and are averaging over 10 a game. Put it like this: they’ve outscored Frank Gore so far this year and they’re available in a LOT of leagues. Maybe yours.