1 Feb, 2019

February 1st: New Merits Brief

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Brief of State Appellees, in Va. House of Delegates v. Bethune-Hill, No. 18-281, filed on January 28th     To read this Supreme Court merits brief, or to review the Court’s docket for this case, click the heading to open this post, then follow the links!

6 Dec, 2018

Special Project: Men’s And Women’s 50K Race Walk Events

2018-12-06T15:18:28-06:00December 6th, 2018|

Every so often, a Cockle customer asks us to help prepare a special document, separate from the legal material that we typically print. Our friend and customer Paul DeMeester recently presented his “Submission in Support of the Men’s And Women’s 50K Race Walk Events” to the International Association of Athletics Federations, and we are happy [...]

17 Sep, 2018

Supreme Court Motion Practice

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Supreme Court Rule 21 governs motion practice, which often involves routine matters of procedure that don’t go to the merits of a case.  Counsel is advised to concisely state what relief is requested and the reason it should be granted.  These filings are either acted upon directly by the Clerk’s Office or forwarded to the Justices for [...]

13 Mar, 2018

Supreme Court Trivia

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  “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” –Arthur Conan Doyle From the installation of a frozen-yogurt machine to verified Klu Klux Klan membership–here are 25 SCOTUS facts you didn’t know you needed to know: Curriculum Vitae: Excluding Senate confirmation, there are no formal requirements for becoming a Supreme Court Justice. 57%, or [...]

11 May, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Kaitlin Naylor

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Staff Spotlight: Kaitlin Naylor   Where Did You Grow Up? Knoxville, Tennessee   Job Title: Document Analyst   What I Actually Do At Cockle:  I assist Cockle’s clients in bringing their filings into compliance with the Supreme Court’s rules either in guiding them through our full service process, providing Camera Ready reviews to bring their [...]

24 May, 2016

May 24th: Recently Filed Petition

2016-05-24T15:53:32-05:00May 24th, 2016|

To read this Supreme Court petition, click the heading to open this post, then follow the link! Mech v. Sch. Bd. of Palm Beach Cnty., Fla., filed on May 18, 2016    

12 May, 2016

Supreme Court May Clarify (or Muddle) “Discretionary Review”

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Pending at the U.S. Supreme Court is a “never-before-raised procedural issue,” raised at the Court’s own prompting in “a truly rare move,” that relates to a requirement that everyone filing a petition for certiorari must address every time on the cover. Every petition cover must insert a lower court’s name in the blank in the [...]

15 Mar, 2016

Petition Appendix (pt 5)

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The first four parts of this series covered the Supreme Court appendix contents that are either required or that are too lengthy to leave in the brief. This final installment addresses a provision that allows pretty much anything, but that should be used with caution. Other Material Believed Essential. Rule 14.1(i)(vi) is the tempting catchall [...]