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15 Mar, 2016

Petition Appendix (pt 5)

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The first four parts of this series covered the Supreme Court appendix contents that are either required or that are too lengthy to leave in the brief. This final installment addresses a provision that allows pretty much anything, but that should be used with caution. Other Material Believed Essential. Rule 14.1(i)(vi) is the tempting catchall [...]

14 Jul, 2015

How to Write a Legal Brief – Your Guide to An Appendix to Your Petition

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How to write a legal brief. Putting together the Appendix of your Brief can be confusing. This blog will offer an easy-to-follow outline of what to include and how to gather the information. Some documents—like Petitions—have required Appendix elements. Appendix documents cannot simply be photocopied, but must be typeset to the same standards as a [...]