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3 Dec, 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

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Hey football fans, we’re entering the final quarter of the season and while the majority of the playoff seeds have already been spoken for despite Seattle being the only team to have clinched a berth, the sixth and final seed in both conferences are up for grabs between about dozen or so [...]

12 Jun, 2013

Breaking Bad: Season Preview

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With the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad coming up August 11th, we here at the CockleBur have been spending our days drifting through clouds of the crystal meth cooking in the basement, pondering the fate of our beloved master chefs, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. When Breaking Bad first aired back [...]

5 Jan, 2011

Radiohead Saved My Life

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I’m pretty sure everyone’s first exposure to Radiohead was their overplayed radio hit, “Creep” back in ‘93. Pretty and delicate enough for the softies, it had that big distorted chug chug, chug chug right before the chorus that was loud enough for the meatheads, and most importantly it was catchy enough for the masses. Couldn’t really understand what he was saying though. I’m a wino? I’m a wide-o? Sure as hell didn’t phonetically sound like weirdo but that’s what the lyric sheet claims. Either way it had all the makings of one hit wonder status that every other song from that half of the decade had going for them; destined to be played during nothing but nineties weekends on the Fourth of July and perhaps get poked fun at on those “I Love the 90’s” shows on VH1.

27 Dec, 2010

The Picture Of Dorian Gray: A Book Review

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I like to go into book stores every once in a while and walk around, glance over titles, perhaps read a page or two. But I always come across that shelf full of old classics like Moby Dick and Wuthering Heights and feel a little ashamed for having not read the majority of them. I mean, these are classics for a reason. They have been analyzed, criticized and immortalized for decades and yet I can’t find a few hours out of my day to sit down and appreciate these works of art? Thankfully they’re also assigned readings in most college level Lit classes.

17 Dec, 2010

The NFL Outlook for Week Seventeen

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The original goal of The CockleBur was to provide articles on the law in addition to articles about life in general. In the first few months we have been heavy on law with only a sprinkling of non-law subjects. That will soon change. In effort to accomodate law school students and potential students, [...]