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17 Sep, 2013

A Couple Weeks of Media Craziness

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I kind of figured what would happen after Adam Liptak from the New York Times called to say he was going to write a follow-up piece to his 2010 article about my life and legal successes while in prison. After the article in the Times, my wife Annie and I had a crazy couple of weeks that [...]

20 Sep, 2012

LAW MAN Comes to the Supreme Court Community

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I have just the best friends. Last week, a few friends hosted a LAW MAN book party for me at WilmerHale in Washington DC. The event was hosted by WilmerHale Attorneys Seth Waxman and Noah Levine, UW Law Professor (and my ConLaw teacher) Ronald Collins, Davis & Wright Attorney Robert Corn-Revere, and my good [...]

11 Nov, 2011

More on Jones–the Supreme Court’s GPS Monitoring Case

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SCOTUS news was dominated this week by the oral arguments United States v. Jones, No. 10-1259. In that case, the Court must decide whether law enforcement can conduct GPS monitoring sans warrant without violating the Fourth Amendment’s prescription of unreasonable searches and seizures. A lot was written about the oral arguments, but [...]

14 Jun, 2011

The Supreme Court’s Use of Dictionaries

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Yesterday, Adam Liptak at the NY Times covered a Supreme Court trend: the Justices’ use of dictionary definitions in their opinions. He writes that: In May alone, the justices cited dictionaries in eight cases to determine what legislators had meant when they used words like “prevent,” “delay” and “report.” Over the years, justices have looked [...]

2 May, 2011

Prisoner News Roundup

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For the next month I will be focusing on prisoners’ issues, because I know that many prisoners’ families come to the CockleBur to keep up-to-date on legal developments affecting prisoners. So here is a roundup of the latest prisoner stories in the news. Last week, the New York Times published an editorial entitled, [...]

5 Apr, 2011

Judge Declares Mistrial Due to Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, Judge Kozinski Writes about Lying, and “Verbal Roller Derby”

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I have been away from blogging for a week, but wanted to highlight a few noteworthy pieces from the legal blogosphere. I ran across this ATL article about a D.C. Superior Court judge that declared a mistrial in a murder case because the defense lawyer was horribly incompetent. The attorney was a recent [...]

7 Feb, 2011

The Latest in Legal Media Coverage

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The New York Times’ reporting has been legal-heavy in the past week. Emily Bazelon, normally of Slate, covered the subject of shaken-baby syndrome and how that crime is proved in court. Adam Liptak discusses the possibility that the Supreme Court could lose its reputation for impartiality if the Court rules in a partisan way on the Obama [...]

11 Jan, 2011

The New York Times Covers MacDonald v. Johnson

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Last week I wrote about a case that Cockle Contributor Jacob Huebert and I are involved with that is before the U.S. Supreme Court. The case involves a Lawrence v. Texas/due process challenge to the application of a state sodomy statute. Today, Adam Liptak at the New York Times continues the discussion--the article is entitled, "A Place on [...]

20 Dec, 2010

Monday Media Profile on the Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court has been featured prominently in a number of mainsteam media publications and the legal blogosphere. Adam Liptak, at the New York Times, reports on a study conducted by Northwestern and Chicago law schools. The study notes that business interest cases have occupied a greater piece of the Supreme Court’s docket [...]