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30 Jan, 2012

Does Government Need the Power to Install a GPS Device Without First Obtaining a Warrant?

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Last week I was explaining to a friend the Supreme Court's decision in United States v. Jones, the case where the Government  installed a GPS device to monitor an alleged drug dealer's vehicle over the course of 28 days. After exhaustively covering the three opinions, my friend had this remark, "why didn't they just get [...]

23 Jan, 2012

Attaching a GPS Device to a Car Is a Fourth Amendment Search

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In a big loss for the federal government, the Supreme Court held today that when the government attaches a GPS device to a vehicle to monitor the vehicle's movement, the government conducts a Fourth Amendment search. Justice Scalia wrote the opinion for the Court in United States v. Jones, No. 10-1259, backed by the Chief Justice, [...]

11 Nov, 2011

More on Jones–the Supreme Court’s GPS Monitoring Case

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SCOTUS news was dominated this week by the oral arguments United States v. Jones, No. 10-1259. In that case, the Court must decide whether law enforcement can conduct GPS monitoring sans warrant without violating the Fourth Amendment’s prescription of unreasonable searches and seizures. A lot was written about the oral arguments, but [...]