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20 Sep, 2012

LAW MAN Comes to the Supreme Court Community

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I have just the best friends. Last week, a few friends hosted a LAW MAN book party for me at WilmerHale in Washington DC. The event was hosted by WilmerHale Attorneys Seth Waxman and Noah Levine, UW Law Professor (and my ConLaw teacher) Ronald Collins, Davis & Wright Attorney Robert Corn-Revere, and my good [...]

8 Aug, 2011

My Top Three Questions Presented from the Supreme Court’s 2010 Term

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As I explained last year, there may be no more daunting task in all Supreme Court practice than distilling a 9,000-word—or hopefully less—cert petition down to one or two Questions Presented. Although crafting QP’s are difficult, you can improve your QP’s by combining a few of the following techniques with lots of [...]

22 Jun, 2011

Go Go Gadget Arms: Why Justice Breyer Rightly Reached Out to Decide a Question Not Presented in Turner v. Rogers

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Sometimes the Supreme Court reaches out to decide issues not raised in the petition for certiorari. It is a rare occurrence. But it happened in Turner v. Rogers, No. 10-10. If you weren’t following the case, here are the facts: Michael D. Turner racked up large debts owed to his child’s mother [...]

25 Mar, 2011

My First Visit To The Court That Changed My Life

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On Wednesday, Annie and I visited the Supreme Court. Although I have studied, filed briefs in, written about, and generally gushed over the Court for eleven years, it was my first visit to the place that has enormously impacted my life. I was kind of nervous that the Court could not possibly [...]

28 Oct, 2010

Formulating the QP—Suggestions and Analysis of Questions Presented from the 2009 Term

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If the argument section is the engine that drives the cert petition car, the Questions Presented (“QP”) is the body governing how the engine is framed and the paint job creating that vital first impression. Send a rusty and dented car to the Court, and the Clerk writing the cert pool memo may move on to a flashier ride. Nor will the Justices be impressed. The goal of this post is meant to turn your scratched and marred Pinto-looking QP into, at very least, a Prius!

6 Apr, 2010

The Forgotten Section of a Supreme Court Brief

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If I had to pick the one section most frequently overlooked by attorneys filing cert petitions, it is what we at Cockle colloquially call the “appendix index.”  That section has gained importance because the Supreme Court recently amended their rules to require an index in every brief containing an appendix.  In this post, I will [...]

10 Mar, 2010

A Tour of Talent: My Weekend Trip to Harvard University

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My wife Annie and I had a wonderful trip to Harvard University.  We stayed at the famous Preacher’s Suite in Lowell House, and Sandy Alexander of WilmerHale was a gracious host.  The following is a recap of our trip. We toured the Cambridge campus on Saturday.  I gave a short speech to a group of [...]

5 Mar, 2010

Weekend Trip to Harvard University

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My wife Ann Marie and I are traveling to Boston tomorrow for a three-day trip to Harvard University.  I have been asked to speak to a group of Harvard faculty and undergrad students, and on Monday, I will be sitting in on a criminal law school class. The trip is exciting for a number of [...]