The New York Times’ reporting has been legal-heavy in the past week. Emily Bazelon, normally of Slate, covered the subject of shaken-baby syndrome and how that crime is proved in court.

Adam Liptak discusses the possibility that the Supreme Court could lose its reputation for impartiality if the Court rules in a partisan way on the Obama health care bill. Liptak also covers the thorny issue of allowing corporations to have First Amendment protections and how that relates to media corporations. Liptak concludes that: “There are good arguments both ways about whether corporations ought to be covered by the First Amendment. But it is harder to say that some corporations have First Amendment rights and others do not.”

The New York Times also covered Yale Law Professor Jeb Rubenfeld’s novel “The Death Instinct.”

Here are two critiques of Yale Law Professor Akhil Amar’s recent LA Times op-ed discussing the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Both come from members of the Volokh Conspiracy. David Bernstein’s thoughts can be found here. And Ilya Somin’s can be found here.