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16 Jun, 2011

An Attempt to Ban “Groping” at Airports

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I just read a very interesting article from the NY Times on a bill that might be reintroduced in the Texas legislature. The bill would ban "intrusive" airport searches, such as pat-downs that touch "the anus, sexual organ, buttocks or breast of another person including through the clothing, or touches the other person in a manner [...]

11 Jan, 2011

The New York Times Covers MacDonald v. Johnson

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Last week I wrote about a case that Cockle Contributor Jacob Huebert and I are involved with that is before the U.S. Supreme Court. The case involves a Lawrence v. Texas/due process challenge to the application of a state sodomy statute. Today, Adam Liptak at the New York Times continues the discussion--the article is entitled, "A Place on [...]

3 Jan, 2011

An Illogical Treatment Of Sex

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Last week, CockleBur contributor Jacob Huebert filed a petition for writ of certiorari in MacDonald v. Johnson. [By way of full disclosure, the Petitioner’s wife contacted me several months ago about assisting her with the Supreme Court filing, and I in turn reached out to Jacob who, fortunately for the MacDonalds, took the case on a pro bono basis.] In the petition, we ask for the Court’s review in part because the Commonwealth of Virginia continues a practice of randomly enforcing its sodomy statue.