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20 Dec, 2010

Monday Media Profile on the Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court has been featured prominently in a number of mainsteam media publications and the legal blogosphere. Adam Liptak, at the New York Times, reports on a study conducted by Northwestern and Chicago law schools. The study notes that business interest cases have occupied a greater piece of the Supreme Court’s docket [...]

10 Dec, 2010

The President Acknowledges that the Pre-Existing Injuries Portion of the Affordable Care Act could also be in Jeopardy

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Randy Barnett, at The Volokh Conspiracy, posted this article about a fact sheet recently provided by the White House. The fact sheet addresses the pending constitutional challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate currently before Judge Henry Hudson. In anticipation of a ruling, the White House admitted that should the individual mandate be held unconstitutional, the portion of the Act requiring insurance companies to accept and cover people with pre-existing injuries would likewise fall. The fact sheet explained:

9 Feb, 2010

New York Times Article on Shon Hopwood

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On several occasions we have had attorneys question how Shon is so knowledgeable about the Supreme Court, but yet, is not an attorney.  An article in today’s New York Times answers that question.  The article can be viewed here. Both Cockle and Shon want to say thank you to all the Cockle clients who have [...]