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19 Nov, 2012

My Post At Above The Law About The Similarities Between BigLaw And Jailhouse Law

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I forgot to post my humorous, but surprisingly true attempt to compare jailhouse lawyering to working as an associate at a Biglaw firm. The post is over at Above the Law (you can read the post here). I had always wanted to write something for Above the Law because I think they provide a valuable service to [...]

5 Sep, 2011

The ABA Is Full Of It

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A few weeks ago the New York Times published this piece addressing the serious issue that “most low-income Americans cannot afford a lawyer to defend their legal interests, no matter how urgent the issue.” The Times suggested several ways to provide better access to justice for low-income people. Those suggestions included allowing [...]

11 Mar, 2011

The Charlie Sheen Legal Drama

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I usually try to not follow celebrity legal dramas. I really have no idea what Lindsey Lohan's latest case is about. But I will admit that the Charlie Sheen madness sucked me in. As most of you who have watched television in the last week know Charlie was fired from Two and a Half Men. Then [...]

5 Jan, 2011

Is Law School A Bad Investment?

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It used to be that attending law school was about the best investment a young adult could make. The JD degree provided security and employment opportunities far surpassing many other graduate degrees. Oh, but the times are a changing. Lately, the blogosphere is chalk-full of caution to those considering a legal education.

9 Feb, 2010

New York Times Article on Shon Hopwood

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On several occasions we have had attorneys question how Shon is so knowledgeable about the Supreme Court, but yet, is not an attorney.  An article in today’s New York Times answers that question.  The article can be viewed here. Both Cockle and Shon want to say thank you to all the Cockle clients who have [...]