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19 Nov, 2012

My Post At Above The Law About The Similarities Between BigLaw And Jailhouse Law

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I forgot to post my humorous, but surprisingly true attempt to compare jailhouse lawyering to working as an associate at a Biglaw firm. The post is over at Above the Law (you can read the post here). I had always wanted to write something for Above the Law because I think they provide a valuable service to [...]

5 Aug, 2011

The Case Against Law School: A Student’s View of the Law School Debate

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“F*** greedy law schools” seems to be the phrase of the day. At least on the blogosphere. A few weeks ago, David Segal had an excellent expose on the culture of greed that permeates the business of law school. He appropriately entitled his piece: “Law School Economics: Ka-Ching!” The NY Times followed [...]