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19 Nov, 2012

My Post At Above The Law About The Similarities Between BigLaw And Jailhouse Law

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I forgot to post my humorous, but surprisingly true attempt to compare jailhouse lawyering to working as an associate at a Biglaw firm. The post is over at Above the Law (you can read the post here). I had always wanted to write something for Above the Law because I think they provide a valuable service to [...]

21 Jun, 2011

Creighton Law School Is Reducing the Size of Its Incoming Class; Nebraska Prisons Are Overcrowded

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Although there were several interesting SCOTUS decisions handed down yesterday, I instead decided to cover some local issues with national implications. Creighton University School of Law announced that they are reducing the number of seats for incoming law school students. Tthe Omaha World Herald’s story leads with this: Too many lawyers. Too few [...]

5 Jan, 2011

Is Law School A Bad Investment?

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It used to be that attending law school was about the best investment a young adult could make. The JD degree provided security and employment opportunities far surpassing many other graduate degrees. Oh, but the times are a changing. Lately, the blogosphere is chalk-full of caution to those considering a legal education.