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5 Jan, 2011

Is Law School A Bad Investment?

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It used to be that attending law school was about the best investment a young adult could make. The JD degree provided security and employment opportunities far surpassing many other graduate degrees. Oh, but the times are a changing. Lately, the blogosphere is chalk-full of caution to those considering a legal education.

23 Dec, 2010

The LSAT–It’s All About Perspective

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In early October, I took the rite of passage for anyone attempting to someday become an attorney: I spent six hours darkening bubbles on my Law School Admissions Test answer sheet. As I sat there during the writing section, mostly daydreaming about what it would be like to no longer have to study for the LSAT, I began to appreciate what the day represents for so many of the people taking the test with me: just another day of school.