Much has been made about the sorry state of legal education. Students are graduating with huge loads of debt and dwindling job prospects. The press has hit this topic so much as of late that the number of LSAT takers has dropped considerably.

So, what does that mean for those pre-law students who did take the LSAT and who are applying to law school despite the warnings? Well, that’s where it gets interesting.

Over at Most Strongly Supported, they just published the results of an interesting survey.

The majority of nearly 600 students surveyed thought there would be no change in the admissions standards for being admitting to law school. In fact, many thought it would be harder to gain admission.

But what has happened is that with the number of LSAT takers plummeting, one’s chances of being accepted into a top school are even easier. Check out MSS’s infographic that explains this phenomenon

Click here for more info about Blueprint LSAT Prep’s survey results.