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20 Nov, 2011

Law Schools Are Teaching What They Can

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David Segal’s piece in the New York Times yesterday raised serious questions about whether law schools are really teaching students to become practicing attorneys rather than, say, just good law students. The piece also addressed such things as clinical work, legal scholarship, and the cost of law school. My perspective on these [...]

25 Oct, 2011

One Month Down

2019-03-18T18:47:51-05:00October 25th, 2011|

I am officially finished with my first month of law school. I must say it was exhausting. But other than that, I have little to complain about. My professors are great (and I’m not just saying that to kiss their you know what!), my classmates are likeable (my small section is completely devoid of gunners), and [...]

19 Oct, 2011

Need Help With Law School Exams? Open Book Is Here To Help

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As a general rule, I usually don't advocate on behalf of books I haven't read. But there is an exception. When I have read several of the author's previous works, and I just know his next will be as spectucular as his previous ones. I have read NYU Professor Barry Friedman's books, articles and blog [...]

27 Sep, 2011

The First Day

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This fall the brunt of my blog posts will change from covering the Supreme Court to covering law school. And many of my posts will be anecdotal, about my experiences in the first year of law school. I also plan to have some of my fellow classmates write posts for the blogs. [...]

23 Sep, 2011

A Different Orientation: The Best Law School Resources of Recent Memory

2019-03-18T18:47:53-05:00September 23rd, 2011|Tags: , , , |

I just finished up two weeks of law school orientation, during which I met quite a few of my classmates, many of whom asked me questions relating to law school. So I thought I’d provide a different kind of orientation—a “best of” listing of articles that helped me to understand law school [...]

28 Aug, 2011

What Elective Courses Should Law School Students Take?

2019-03-18T18:47:54-05:00August 28th, 2011|Tags: , , , , |

So after the misery of first year is over, the question for law students becomes which elective courses to take. I have a couple of thoughts on this, although I must admit that I may be misguided. So if anyone has a better answer, then by all means please share it and/or tear my opinions to shreds. I started [...]

19 Aug, 2011

Law School Law Firms

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Should law schools switch from three years to two and then tack on an additional year of work in a school-owned law firm? Sounds like an interesting possibility. That is the subject of an article entitled, The Law School Firm, written by Brooklyn Law School Professor Bradley Borden and University of Maryland School of Law [...]

16 Aug, 2011

Medium Rare Burgers and the Land of Laws

2019-03-18T18:47:55-05:00August 16th, 2011|

I've been away from blogging for about 10 days now. My wife and I drove across the country from Omaha to Seattle (my father-in-law and his wife flew our 19-month old son). We are somewhat moved into our new place and ready to start the next chapter, tentatively entitled "Baby Girls and Law School." As many [...]

5 Aug, 2011

The Case Against Law School: A Student’s View of the Law School Debate

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“F*** greedy law schools” seems to be the phrase of the day. At least on the blogosphere. A few weeks ago, David Segal had an excellent expose on the culture of greed that permeates the business of law school. He appropriately entitled his piece: “Law School Economics: Ka-Ching!” The NY Times followed [...]