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18 Jun, 2011

Freeing the Wrongfully Convicted: An Interview with UW’s Jacqueline McMurtrie

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I visited the University of Washington School of Law back in April. What I found at UW was a strong commitment to freeing the innocent. In 1997, Jacqueline McMurtrie founded the Innocence Project Northwest (IPNW) at UW. Overall, the IPNW has helped overturn 15 convictions for prisoners in Washington State. In addition to assisting [...]

17 Jun, 2011

So I Want to Go to Law School: The University of Washington and the Gates Program

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Yes, even after watching David Kazzie’s video about the fun and joy of law school, even after weighing the investment risk versus reward of attending law school, and even after heading Elie Mystal’s repeated warnings, I am still determined to follow through with my dream. In August, my wife, son and I will be moving to [...]

10 Jun, 2011

How to Reject Rejection Notices

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Yesterday, a friend of mine handed me an article from the Bluffs News. After I read it, I immediately thought of law professors and prospective law school students. Dear Professor Millington, Thank you for your letter of March 16. After careful consideration, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to [...]

24 May, 2011

So You Want To Go To Law School: An Interview With Author David Kazzie

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If you have never heard of David Kazzie, you are missing out on, well, your missing out on a lot of things. The guy is a lawyer but that label hardly does him justice. He is most known for his work on videos. He is the creator of “So You Want To [...]

25 Mar, 2011

My First Visit To The Court That Changed My Life

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On Wednesday, Annie and I visited the Supreme Court. Although I have studied, filed briefs in, written about, and generally gushed over the Court for eleven years, it was my first visit to the place that has enormously impacted my life. I was kind of nervous that the Court could not possibly [...]

20 Jan, 2011

Fordham Law Review Symposium on January 25th

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The “Solo Practitioner”: Pro Se Litigants and Their Obstacles to Justice A panel discussion hosted by the Fordham Law Review On January 25th, I will be speaking about pro se litigation at the Fordham Law Review Symposium. My esteemed co-panelists will include: Judge James C. Francis, a federal Magistrate for the Southern [...]

9 Jan, 2011

More Scary News for those Applying to Law Schools

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David Segal published a piece at the New York Times today that started with this sentence: "IF there is ever a class in how to remain calm while trapped beneath $250,000 in loans, Michael Wallerstein ought to teach it." Guess how this Mr. Wallerstein ended up in such financial woes: bad stock investments, subprime housing, or toxic mutual funds? No. He went to three years of law school and now has no employment prospects.

5 Jan, 2011

Is Law School A Bad Investment?

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It used to be that attending law school was about the best investment a young adult could make. The JD degree provided security and employment opportunities far surpassing many other graduate degrees. Oh, but the times are a changing. Lately, the blogosphere is chalk-full of caution to those considering a legal education.

23 Dec, 2010

The LSAT–It’s All About Perspective

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In early October, I took the rite of passage for anyone attempting to someday become an attorney: I spent six hours darkening bubbles on my Law School Admissions Test answer sheet. As I sat there during the writing section, mostly daydreaming about what it would be like to no longer have to study for the LSAT, I began to appreciate what the day represents for so many of the people taking the test with me: just another day of school.

10 Dec, 2010

The New Institutionalism and Public Law Scholarship: What Judicial Biographies have in Common with High-powered Statistical Analyses

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This post is courtesy of our new guest blogger, Arkansas State University Professor Hans Hacker. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Hans a few weeks ago on a trip to ASU, where I worked with his students taking part in the moot court competition. I enjoyed listening to a political scientist's view of the Supreme Court, which is a conceptually different from how I usually think about the Court, as a brief writer. I think the political scientist's view can really help explain the dynamic a brief writer is working with, and sometimes against, in trying to persuade the Court. Anyway, what follows is Professor Hacker's post.