I just finished up two weeks of law school orientation, during which I met quite a few of my classmates, many of whom asked me questions relating to law school. So I thought I’d provide a different kind of orientation—a “best of” listing of articles that helped me to understand law school and the profession.

Want to see an easy-to-read chart on the all-important employment figures for recent law school grads? While this article by WashU Professor Brian Tamanaha is mostly doom and gloom about the number of law school students working in JD jobs nine months after graduation, it also provides an easy-to-read chart with employment numbers for your law school based on its US News ranking.

Here is another Tamanaha piece over at Balkinization about the transfer process—helpful for those who find their classmates annoying and are already thinking about a way out.

Above the Law is great place to find out valuable dirt information about law school and the major events after law school—like finding a job. In just the last week, ATL has covered judicial clerkships and how to handle yourself at events after callback interviews. Additionally, ATL uncovers cool stuff like the on campus recruiting process of BigLaw firms and felons who are attending law school—and I know, where have I heard that story before!

I find The Volokh Conspiracy handy for getting into the mind of a law professor. Professors Eugene Volokh and Orin Kerr in particular enjoy blogging about hypotheticals in ways that illuminate rather than obfuscate the law. You can find examples here, here and here. And it doesn’t hurt that both of them are brilliant.

If you’re interested in following the Supreme Court there is no better place than SCOTUS Blog. I’ll leave it to you to figure out what the acronym means.

The ACS Blog is a great place to learn about the Constitution, albeit with a liberal slant.

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