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27 Aug, 2013

Conversations About the Law Series: Kathryn Watts

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Over the next three months, the CockleBur will provide a series of conversations about the law with a number of prominent legal journalists, practitioners, scholars, policy makers, and social justice advocates. I chose these particular people because I think they can bring a unique perspective about topics such as advocacy, legal education, [...]

28 Aug, 2011

What Elective Courses Should Law School Students Take?

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So after the misery of first year is over, the question for law students becomes which elective courses to take. I have a couple of thoughts on this, although I must admit that I may be misguided. So if anyone has a better answer, then by all means please share it and/or tear my opinions to shreds. I started [...]

22 May, 2011

How The Supreme Court’s Certiorari Process Could Be Improved By Borrowing From Administrative Law Principles

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Many have argued that the Supreme Court’s process for choosing cases is too secretive, allows too much influence to the Court’s clerks, provides too many opportunities to business interests and too little opportunities to public interests, and should be changed. To alleviate some of these concerns, scholars have proposed changes to the Court’s certiorari [...]