This fall the brunt of my blog posts will change from covering the Supreme Court to covering law school. And many of my posts will be anecdotal, about my experiences in the first year of law school. I also plan to have some of my fellow classmates write posts for the blogs. The goal is for the CockleBur to be a source of information for law students.

On occasion I will cover Supreme Court cases related to criminal justice issues, and I will continue to post articles from the “A Matter of Practice” series.

So the first day. It was what I expected. Everyone was a little stressed and our professors tried to calm our fears. The palpable dread I noticed in orientation was largely gone, but still, it wasn’t like anyone was begging to be called on. Few were confident in their ability to analyze cases.

There was one thing missing from my small group: gunners. You know, those people that try to monopolize the conversation in class because: a) they are fresh from undergrad and high school where they derived their worth from being the teacher’s pet; or b) they think if they raise their hand for every question, the professor will give them the highest score in class participation. I had witnessed a few gunners in orientation and was basing the strength or weakness of my small group solely on their absence or presence in it. Needless to say, my small group is excellent.