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14 Jun, 2017

Guide to Pro Se In Forma Pauperis Petitions

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In forma pauperis (IFP) proceedings are those cases in which the Supreme Court allows an indigent party to file a petition for writ of certiorari without paying its $300 filing fee or preparing printed booklets (to learn about filing IFP Briefs in Opposition, click here). A petition worthy of certiorari is generally thought to contain [...]

7 Mar, 2017

Introduction to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

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  The filing requirements in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit are complex.  In addition to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, the Ninth Circuit operates under its own set of Local Rules – mandatory practice standards that periodically change, and sometimes conflict with the Federal Rules – and the clerk’s [...]

11 Jan, 2017

An Introduction to the Supreme Court, Part III

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Part Three: Advancing to a Decision In the first part of our three-part series, we looked at the Bench and the Bar.  In our second part, we discussed filing in the Supreme Court.  Finally, we look at how the Court arrives at a decision. A.            Oral Argument Oral argument is conducted from October through April [...]

13 Dec, 2016

An Introduction to the Supreme Court, Part II

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  Part Two: Filings In our first part of this three-part series, we looked at the Bench and the Bar.  Today, we address filing in the Supreme Court. A.            Filings In a typical term, more than 8,000 petitions are filed.  Approximately 6,500 of these petitions are meritless In Forma Pauperis filings and 1,500 are booklet [...]

13 Oct, 2016

An Introduction to the Supreme Court, Part I

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  The Supreme Court is often described as distinctly American in concept and function.  We look to it as the last resort in search of justice, equality, and validation of our political views.  It’s where we wage our most serious legal battles – from voting disputes and privacy issues to establishing the rights of young [...]

14 Jul, 2016

An In-Depth Look at Supreme Court Rule 14

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  The Supreme Court’s rules are complex. Even the most experienced practitioners sometimes need help understanding the particulars.  As the leading producer of Supreme Court briefs in the country, we are experts at managing the entire process of brief preparation, from consultation to filing. Our services include: Interpreting court requirements; Navigating complex filing rules; Expert [...]

30 Jun, 2016

Booklet Format Petition for Writ of Certiorari Checklist

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  Pilots are required to learn and use checklists for every aspect of flight, from preparing for take-off to dealing with equipment malfunction. It was a checklist that helped Captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger and co-pilot Jeffery Skiles safely land their US Airways flight in the Hudson River after the plane's engines were damaged by a [...]

2 Jul, 2015

Legal Writing Tips: Preparing a Cert. Petition

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This post is designed to assist attorneys and pro se petitioners filing a booklet format petition in the United States Supreme Court.  A copy of the Court’s Rules, which establish the procedures that must be followed, is available here.  Be sure to read the following sections carefully: Rules 10-14 (Petitioning for certiorari) Rule 29 (Filing [...]