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14 Jan, 2012

Three Hopeful Changes for the Criminal Justice System in 2012

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I am a little late on New Year's resolutions. But I thought I would shoot for three things I would like to see happen in the criminal justice system in 2012. At number three I would like to see the U.S. Supreme Court declare, loud and clear, that lawyers must be constitutionally effective at the [...]

3 Jan, 2012

The Allure of Civil Libertarian Ron Paul: Three Reasons Why He’s Gained a Following of Young People and Is a Grave Threat to the Political Establishment

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Mainstream media—like CBS and the New York Times—have reported that in the days leading up to the Iowa primary, a large number of young adults have flowed into Iowa like this past summer’s floods down the Missouri river. They have arrived with one mission: aid and assist Presidential candidate Ron Paul in [...]

15 Dec, 2011

Books I’d Recommend As Holiday Gifts

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The dreaded or longer for holiday season is upon us and many of you are looking for that $25 gift for someone because your family drew names over Thanksgiving. So here are some suggestions for those who enjoy the law and for those that don't.  I've separated these into subject areas, since if you are giving [...]

23 Jun, 2011

Ron Paul and Barney Frank Introduce Bill to Legalize Weed

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The USA Today and a host of other media outlets report that Representatives Ron Paul and Barney Frank introduced a bill to legalize marijuana. According to Politico, the bill was: Modeled on the 21st Amendment to the Constitution that repealed the prohibition of alcoholic beverages, the legislation is being cast by the Marijuana Policy Project [...]