Missouri v. Frye

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14 Jan, 2012

Three Hopeful Changes for the Criminal Justice System in 2012

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I am a little late on New Year's resolutions. But I thought I would shoot for three things I would like to see happen in the criminal justice system in 2012. At number three I would like to see the U.S. Supreme Court declare, loud and clear, that lawyers must be constitutionally effective at the [...]

25 Oct, 2011

Ineffective Assistance During the Plea Stage

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Next week, the Supreme Court will hear argument in two of the most important criminal cases this Term:  Missouri v. Frye, No. 10-444 and Lafler v. Cooper, No. 10-209. And both cases involve ineffective assistance of counsel claims. Both cases involve instances where defense attorneys must have been huffing glue. In Frye, the attorney failed to [...]

15 Sep, 2011

2011 Term Preview: The Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Cases

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The 2011 Supreme Court Term is about to ramp up and there are several intriguing criminal cases set for argument. The cases I’m most curious to see the Court confront are the ones that have so far flown under-the-radar. Let’s start with the ineffective assistance of counsel cases. IAC claims are the [...]