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14 Oct, 2011

More on the Strip Search Case

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While Sean Bradley and I have been discussing the strip search case on this blog (here and here), others are talking about it at various forums.   Adam Liptak at the New York Times and Mike Sacks at the Huffington Post cover the oral arguments. Sacks wrote that: "For the first time this term, Kennedy seemed to be [...]

12 Oct, 2011

Will the Libertarian Justice Kennedy Appear Today at Oral Arguments?

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[The Supreme Court will hear argument today in Florence v. Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Burlington, No. 10-945.] At 10:00 am Eastern Time, the Supreme Court will hear a case about personal autonomy, personal dignity, and a person's most private details. In prior cases addressing these themes, we've watched Justice Kennedy transform from a Law and [...]