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2 Sep, 2014

So Sue Me! (Again): The Stages of Original Litigation at the Supreme Court

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Original Actions may proceed through three distinct stages before final resolution.  The first is similar to the “petition stage” of a cert petition and the last is similar to the “merits stage.”  The second, “interim” stage, is unique. Stage 1 is commenced by filing the Complaint. The Complaint must be preceded by a Motion For [...]

7 Aug, 2014

So Sue Me! Original Litigation at the Supreme Court

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Litigation at the Supreme Court is called an Original Action.  The parties are bringing their dispute directly to the Supreme Court, bypassing all lower courts.  Most Original Actions are civil disputes between two or more States and the Court always has original and exclusive jurisdiction over these cases.  See 28 U.S.C. § 1251(a).  Recent cases [...]