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1 Nov, 2016

Supreme Court Glossary of Terms

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Amicus curiae brief: "Friend of the court" brief; a brief filed by a person, group, or entity that is not a party to the case but nonetheless wishes to provide the court with its perspective on the issue before it.  The person or entity is called an "amicus"; the plural is "amici." Capital case: In a capital case, [...]

10 Mar, 2015

The Supreme Court and Same-sex Marriage

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The Supreme Court is prepared to end a controversy that has divided much of the nation for the past two decades:  Do states have: (a) the power to ban same-sex marriages, and (b) the power to refuse to recognize such marriages performed in another state? The Court will hear oral argument in four vided cases [...]

6 Nov, 2014

The Work of a Supreme Court Law Clerk

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  No internship program in American history has produced a more extensive collection of leaders as the corps of U.S. Supreme Court law clerks. Five Supreme Court Justices.  Two Secretaries of State.  Two U.S. Attorneys General.  The Solicitor General of the United States.  Two Commissioners of the F.C.C.  The Chairman of U.S. Steel.  The head [...]

28 Mar, 2011

Who Owns the Sky?

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In the latest Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, I review UCLA law professor Stuart Banner's book Who Owns the Sky? The Struggle to Control Airspace from the Wright Brothers On. Banner’s book is outstanding because it presents the history of air law -- particularly the struggle to determine who would have property rights in and [...]