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3 Jun, 2011

Should We Listen To An Argument of Fear? Relieving Overcrowded Prisons May Actually Increase Public Safety

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If we release prisoners to relieve overcrowding, then prisoners will rape, rob and murder our citizens. That is frightening; therefore we shouldn’t release prisoners, even though the State cannot afford to humanely incarcerate them. This argument was at the heart of Justices Scalia and Alito’s dissenting opinions last week in the California prison [...]

17 Mar, 2011

More On Justice Alito’s Dissent In Phelps

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Justice Alito’s dissent in Snyder v. Phelps, 09-751,  has received more press than any of his previous  Supreme Court opinions. I covered this topic last week on the CockleBur, as did Dahlia Lithwick, Jeffrey Rosen at the Washington Post, Michael Dorf, Josh Blackman, and  the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties. Yesterday, John Paul Rollert at the Huffington [...]

12 Nov, 2010

ABA Journal Has The Scoop On Justice Alito Being Chased By Blogger

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The ABA Journal.com summarizes this story about Lee Fang--a blogger from Think Progress--chasing Justice Alito and yelling questions about whether it is ethical for the Justice to be attending a Republican fund-raiser dinner. Fang also videotaped one of Justice Alito's security guards threatening to arrest Fang.