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27 Mar, 2023

Circuit Court Newsletter: March 2023

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United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit Order Implementing Procedures for the Filing of Highly Sensitive Documents On February 9, 2021, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit issued this order implementing new procedures for the filing of highly sensitive documents (HSDs). HSDs are documents containing information that is likely [...]

31 Jan, 2023

Federal Courts Explained—Fourth Circuit

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The United States federal court system is a hierarchical structure consisting of three levels: the district courts, the courts of appeals, and the Supreme Court. District courts are trial-level courts who have jurisdiction over a wide range of federal cases, including criminal cases, civil cases involving federal law, and cases involving federal agencies. The courts [...]

14 Mar, 2013

The Long Life and Now Death of the Virginia Sodomy Statute

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Even though the Supreme Court invalidated this country’s sodomy laws ten years ago in Lawrence v. Texas, the State of Virginia has continued to press forward with prosecuting a few people for consensual sex acts. That is until yesterday, when a panel of the Fourth Circuit held the Virginia statue is unconstitutional [...]

10 May, 2011

The Fourth Circuit Panel for the Affordable Care Act

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Update: Orin Kerr has this post about oral arguments this morning. Judge Motz told the attorneys challenging the ACA that they could argue for as long as they wanted but with the caveat that the government would be able to argue for the same amount of time. I just read over the ACA Litigation Blog [...]