Costco v. Omega

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30 Aug, 2011

Matters of Practice: What to Do When Your Cert Petition Presents No Lower Court Conflict?

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[This is another installment in the Matters of Practice series—designed to explain specific problems facing Supreme Court cert petitioners.] Not every granted petition for certiorari raises an issue on which the lower courts are divided; it just seems that way. While circuit conflicts are by far the most common [...]

20 Apr, 2010

Court Grants Four Petitions, Hears Argument in Christian Legal Society and Quon

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The Court granted four cert petitions yesterday morning.  The issues presented in those petitions included bankruptcy matters, the Court of Federal Claims’ jurisdiction, the first-sale doctrine of the Copyright Act and in what circumstances an employer is liable based on the unlawful intent of officials who caused or influenced but did not make the ultimate [...]