Connick v. Thompson

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27 Apr, 2011

Black and White Update

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A couple of weeks ago, I raised the issue of implicit racial bias in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in Connick v. Thompson. Recently, I was paging through the April issue of the DC Bar's Washington Lawyer.  There, on page 9, was a full-page ad for the upcoming (June) 36th Annual Judicial Conference of the [...]

12 Apr, 2011

The Black and White of Connick v. Thompson

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To say that the recent Supreme Court case of Connick v. Thompson has racial undertones is akin to observing that the Pacific Ocean is wet. Yet a majority of the Court (in an opinion written by Justice Thomas) resolutely and steadfastly averts its eyes from race throughout the entire opinion.  It is [...]

11 Apr, 2011

John Thompson Speaks Out About Holding Prosecutors Accountable For Wrongful Convictions

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John Thompson was wrongfully convicted, sentenced to death, and on the verge of being executed, when his lawyers learned that the prosecution had withheld exculpatory evidence. He was exonerated and then he sued the prosecutor's office. He was awarded a 14 million dollar judgment--one year for each one he spent on death row. But last [...]