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24 Aug, 2011

Conviction by Jailhouse Snitch

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It is nice to see California attempting to rectify one of the more serious problems with the criminal justice system. The problem is what I call "conviction by jailhouse snitch." This is when the prosecution locks up someone in a county jail with known snitches. These snitches question and prod and sometime interrogate the defendant [...]

15 Feb, 2011

Does the Constitution Require Same-Sex Marriage?

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Whether gay marriage is a good thing and whether the constitution requires it are two different questions. In this video from a recent Columbus Federalist Society debate, Volokh Conspirator Jonathan Adler, NRO "Bench Memos" blogger Ed Whelan, and Capital Law Prof. Mark Strasser debate the second question. (I moderate.)

14 Jan, 2011

A Rat Bites an Inmate’s Penis and other Prisoner News for the Week

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This is the first of many posts covering a legal issue that is very important to me, to 2 million of its members, and to many more millions of the members’ families: prisoner news. A former inmate at the Nassau County Correctional Center in Long Island, New York, filed a law suit [...]