3 Jan, 2012

The Allure of Civil Libertarian Ron Paul: Three Reasons Why He’s Gained a Following of Young People and Is a Grave Threat to the Political Establishment

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Mainstream media—like CBS and the New York Times—have reported that in the days leading up to the Iowa primary, a large number of young adults have flowed into Iowa like this past summer’s floods down the Missouri river. They have arrived with one mission: aid and assist Presidential candidate Ron Paul in [...]

26 Dec, 2011

The Goldwater Institute’s Litigation Arm

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Yesterday, the New York Times published an article explaining the work of the Goldwater Institute, one of the leading libertarian organizations in the country. The GI's litigation arm generally challenges any government infringement of individual liberties, including what it calls entrepreneurial freedom. What I found most interesting is that the Goldwater Institute doesn't play favorites: it [...]

20 Dec, 2011

Liberty and federalism in the Individual Mandate cases

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One of the stranger legacies of modern “constitutional law” is the separation of liberty concepts and government-structure concepts—that is, the notion that we can speak on one hand of arguments about federal authority, and on the other about the rights that are protected in the Bill of Rights or other constitutional provisions. [...]

1 Dec, 2011

The U.S. Senate Has Gone Mad

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I never thought that an American Senate would pass a bill that allows the military to lock up American citizens, indefinitely, without due process of law. I just never saw that one coming. Especially after the excessive abuse of power from the last Presidential Administration. And its not as if the Executive is clamoring for [...]

20 Sep, 2011

Privatization, regulation, and freedom of choice—or, Orin Kerr doesn’t get it. Again.

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GW law professor Orin Kerr argues in a new post on the Volokh Conspiracy that the Individual Mandate is in a sense more “libertarian” than a single-payer, socialized medicine scheme—and suggests that there’s something disingenuous in calling the Individual Mandate “unprecedented” when the reason it’s a newfangled idea is because it’s something of a step [...]

11 Aug, 2011

The Slippery Freefall

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Dahlia Lithwick’s recent article in Slate covers developments in a couple of federal lawsuits brought by American citizens claiming they were unlawfully tortured and detained by our military while working in Iraq. (Both the trial court in one case, and the 7th Circuit in the other, held that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is not [...]

27 Jun, 2011

Government’s CON job

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The cover story of the new issue of Regulation magazine is my article on “Certificate of Necessity” (CON) laws, including the law that we’re challenging in the case of Missouri entrepreneur Michael Munie. CON laws are laws that require businesses to prove to a government agency that there’s a “public need” for a new business [...]