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27 Jun, 2022

Supreme Court Set to Update Rules

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The Supreme Court is set to revise a number of rules early next term which relate to the filing of briefs, motions, applications, and documents under seal.  A number of the changes will simply conform to long-standing practice, while others will change the way Cockle Legal Briefs prepares filings.  The most relevant proposals, which have [...]

21 Jul, 2021

Supreme Court Returns to Booklets

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July 21, 2021 In a sign that the staff at One First Street are returning to normal business, the Supreme Court on July 19, 2021 rescinded two procedural orders that relaxed certain filing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. For petitions seeking Supreme Court review, the extended 150-day filing deadline returns to 90 days (the norm [...]

29 Sep, 2017

Supreme Court Updates Its Rules to Reflect Electronic Filing

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The Supreme Court has adopted a revised version of its Rules to implement electronic filing.  The revisions will take effect when the electronic filing system becomes operational on November 13, 2017.  Highlights from the revisions are reproduced below,* in order of importance: Rule 29. Electronic Filing: “In addition to the filing requirements set forth in [...]

23 Jun, 2016

An In-Depth Look at Supreme Court Rule 29 – Filing and Service

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Sup. Ct. R. 29 governs the filing and service of Supreme Court documents.  Also known as the Court’s “mailbox rule,” Rule 29.2 operates so that a document is filed with the Court if, on or before the due date, it is: Received by the Clerk; Shipped to the Clerk through the United States Postal Service using postmarked [...]

14 Jan, 2016

Friendly Persuasion: The Increase and Influence of Amici Curiae at the Supreme Court

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  During the 2014-2015 Supreme Court term, amicus briefs were filed in 98 percent of merits stage cases.  A total of 781 amicus briefs – or almost 12 per case – were filed in controversies set for oral argument last year. “That’s more than double the briefs-per-case filed in the 1990s, and 12 times those [...]

23 Jun, 2015

Whom Should I Serve in the Supreme Court?

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  Sup. Ct. R. 29 governs service of Supreme Court documents.  Rule 29.3 mandates that “three copies shall be served on each other party separately represented in the proceeding.”  Let’s take a look at how service is accomplished at the petition and merits stages. Petition-Stage Petition for Writ of Certiorari:* A petition must be served [...]

5 Feb, 2015

Riding the Circuit – Who Will Rule on Your Extension of Time?

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  Though the Clerk of the Supreme Court is empowered by Rule 30.4 to act upon most applications and motions which seek an enlargement of a filing deadline, he is specifically prohibited from acting on an application to extend the time to file a petition for writ of certiorari.  All such applications must be addressed [...]