APRIL 15, 2020


On April 15, 2020 the Supreme Court issued a temporary order in light of the ongoing public health concerns relating to COVID-19.  The Court has relaxed some of its formatting and filing requirements for petition stage filers.  Petition stage filers have the option to file one formatted or unformatted copy on 8 1/2- x 11-inch paper and serve copies electronically if the other parties consent to electronic service.

In order to help out, we have instituted some SPECIAL OFFERS!  Because many of Cockle’s customers will continue to utilize our full typesetting and camera-ready services, we’re offering both a discount on certain regular services and an array of new offerings to compliment the Court’s temporary filing modifications.

DISCOUNTS:  Until the Supreme Court revises its order, Cockle is offering up to 20 percent off our regular typesetting services* for petition stage filers! (*$400 minimum charge applies to all typesetting and camera-ready filings.)  This offer applies when ordering our standard run of 50 (or more) booklet format copies.  Petition stage filers that choose this option will not have to reprint or reformat additional booklet copies at a later date, as sufficient copies will be submitted on the day of filing.

NEW SERVICES: For petition stage filers who opt to delay booklet preparation, we can still review your document for content compliance, print and file the single document copy, prepare and file the required certificates, and perform the required electronic filing, all for a single fee. And if you think our signature legal proofreading can enhance your filing, we can add that as well.  These services will ALSO be discounted on your future invoice should the Court request formatted booklet copies.

The Court makes clear that it may later request that a document initially submitted on 8 1/2- x 11-inch paper be submitted in booklet format.   All merits stage filings, including merits stage amicus briefs, remain unaffected by the recent order.  Parenthetically, Cockle believes that the advantages of filing in booklet format during this interim period—clarity, readability, professional styling—are considerable given the Justices’ storied preference for 6 1/8- x 9 1/4-inch booklets.

It’s business as usual here for our motivated, Omaha-based team of filing specialists.  For questions about our services or to obtain a price quote, please email contact@cocklelegalbriefs.com.