The overwhelming majority of cases decided by federal courts of appeals and state supreme courts are not credible candidates for certiorari.  Here’s a helpful cheat sheet regarding Supreme Court grant rates:

  •         In Forma Pauperis petitions: .1%
  •         Booklet format petitions: 4%
  •         Percentage of merits-docket comprised of Cockle petitions: 14%

percentBelow you’ll find a list of Cockle-filed petitions that the Court has granted over the past two Terms.  The Court just concluded its 2014 Term, though many petitions filed during the 2014 Term will not be addressed until the Justices return from recess in October.

(The docket number, case name, and type of brief contain live links to the Supreme Court’s docket, SCOTUSblog case page, and petition as filed)

For more information on recent Supreme Court rulings, visit’s 2014 Stat Pack.