So, you have an upcoming Supreme Court brief to file, and can’t quite figure out the Court’s odd margin requirements on your computer. You’ve tried adjusting your Microsoft Word .doc margins, but something isn’t adding up.

You know your template’s margins should measure 4 1/8- by 7 1/8-inches or smaller, but Microsoft Word doesn’t exactly have a setting for “Supreme Court briefs,” does it? Do you really need to print out all of your formatted pages and measure them with a ruler? Who still owns a ruler? Does a single bad page measurement actually merit a filing rejection in the Supreme Court (spoiler alert: YES, IT DOES!).

Enter Looking Glass—the only Supreme Court brief formatting solution specifically designed to adhere to the Court’s strict font and margin requirements. Looking Glass’ proprietary HTML-based program ensures that you file a professional looking, rule compliant brief. The guaranteed template takes care of all the formatting headaches for you, so that you can focus on the merits of your brief.

Do the following hesitations apply to you?

  • Do you think you own a Century-family font but aren’t sure if your version is outdated, or even acceptable under the Court’s revised rules?

  • Are you staring at an empty Microsoft Word .doc and wish formatting your brief was as easy as it was in the lower court system?

  • Are you worried that you’ll spend 90 percent of your writing time just figuring out how to master this brief’s template?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Looking Glass will be worth your $149.95, and then some!