appellate brief


Have you ever sat alone in a high mountain pass, watching an American eagle wheeling across a broad, blue sky? If you have, then you know why I prepare Appellate Briefs.”

Sean C. Bradley, Esq.


Previously, I wrote a blog about how we at Cockle Legal Briefs love America and Why We Love Preparing Supreme Court Briefs. We also love preparing Appellate Briefs.

We understand the importance of each and every Brief that we print and we aim to assist our customers with whatever services our customer needs. Some of our customers only need our printing services; others need more thorough help with proofreading of the Brief and review for rule compliance. Still others need help formatting the Brief, the Tables, or the Covers.

I get immense satisfaction knowing that I have assisted with the filing of an Appellate Brief. I feel like part of a team working together for one common cause. Sometimes, I feel like a clean-up hitter coming up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth with two men on, and it is up to me to hit it out of the park and bring home a win.

As my colleague Mathew J. Planalp, Esq. so eloquently puts it, “I love preparing Appellate Briefs because they are a key component in effective appellate advocacy. Because appellate cases are frequently decided without the benefit of oral argument, I want to give our clients every opportunity to make a positive impression on the court.”

Our co-owner Andy Cockle sums it up nicely, “I really enjoy helping people determine what they need for the court filing and how to work with the court most effectively. Many times our customers don’t know where to start the process and I can help break the project down to manageable bits that we can work through.”

Cockle Legal Briefs is passionate about preparing quality Briefs. Since 1923, Cockle Legal Briefs has been the industry leader in Supreme Court and Appellate Brief printing and consultation. We are honored that attorneys and pro se litigants continue to rely on Cockle’s third generation of experts for legal printing services as we approach our 100th year in business.