CockleHow Is Cockle Legal Briefs Different?

We strive to craft the highest quality briefs. We succeed because we are the only Supreme Court brief printer to proofread everything—with teams of two professional readers—and our staff actively pursues an intimate knowledge of Court practices and conventions. Located in the heart of the nation, we are able to offer these expert services at a low cost to you. At Cockle Legal Briefs we believe that Better Briefs Win.

How Much Time Does Cockle Legal Briefs Need To Print My Booklet Brief?

The biggest variable in a printing schedule is the length of the appendix, if any. That is why we ask you to send us your appendix documents right away. Without any obligation from you, we can review your appendix for completeness, prepare an estimate of costs, and discuss your proof and printing schedule. You can send us your brief much later in the schedule—often as late as 10 a.m. Central the workday before the due date.

What Goes Into An Appendix To A Petition?

Supreme Court Rule 14.1(i) describes the content and sequence of Petition appendices. Basically, you will need: 1) the final order of the last court that evaluated the merits of the issue; 2) the final order of the other courts below, back to the trial court; 3) the last court’s denial of rehearing or denial of review, if any; 4) the last judgment, if its date is different than the date of the last order; 5) verbatim statutory or constitutional excerpts, if you opt not to include those in the brief; and 6) any other material you believe will help the reader understand your Petition. If you are not sure about how Rule 14.1(i) applies to your case, give us a call.

What Should I Include In My Brief Draft?

You do not need to worry about how your draft looks because we will typeset your document in our Cockle Style. You simply send us a Word or WordPerfect file with the text of the cover, the text of the index (don’t worry about the page numbers because we will fill those in when we create your proof), and the text of your brief. We will take it from there.

Will I See My Brief Before You File?

We will typeset and proofread your document, then email a proof to you with our readers’ notes. After you review the proof, you can scan it back to us with your notes, or just call our corrections staff with your edits. We will make any necessary changes, finalize your printing and shipping options, then print, bind and file your brief and certificates.

Do You Offer Camera Ready Service?

Certainly, but we recommend that if you do not have a significant amount of time to work on formatting, or if you are not comfortable setting up your word processing template to match the Court’s requirements, please give us a call to discuss your options before committing to a camera ready printing schedule. We encourage all of our camera ready customers to send us a preliminary draft early on so that we can perform a free camera ready review to make sure your document complies with the Court’s Rules.

With over 90 years of legal brief printing and filing experience, Cockle Legal Briefs can help you navigate both the written and unwritten rules of Supreme Court practice. Give us call to schedule your next Supreme Court filing.